Music is my favorite part of a wedding! (with the exception of the wedding dress of course). Selecting the perfect music for each couple is such a fun creative experience. Some Bride/Grooms prefer traditional classical music, others like to walk down the aisle to “their” song. The limits are endless! There is nothing too simple, complex, sappy or strange for me to play.

I love the challenge of arranging the perfect song, blending a few together, and even changing keys to better accomodate a soloist. My goal is to create the perfect ambiance for each couple.



The Princess: $300

  • 30 minutes of prelude, length of the ceremony, plus any additional soloists or special songs, 5-10 minutes of processional.
  • additional $100 for cocktail hour


The Diamond: $200

  • the length of the ceremony, plus any additional soloists or special songs, and 5-10 minutes of processional.


Special Music: I can accompany vocalists or musicians during the ceremony for special music, or as an ensemble. Prices vary/ negotialble.

Cocktail Hour: upon request, negotiable price.

I am willing to travel for weddings. An additional fee may be negotiated.


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